Spar Nord Elite Cup 2020



Professional teams

Age categories

U10 - U16


20/05/2020 - 23/05/2020 (Cancelled)


Veldtofte Idrætspark

Confirmed Teams 2020


In May, Esbjerg fB will host the eigth edition of the Spar Nord Elite Cup – a youth tournament with teams of the highest leagues from professional clubs and invited academies from various nations.

Referee Information

The tournament facilities and organization match these high standards by offering;

  • Only natural grass football pitches of high standards at the Veldtofte Idrætspark in Esbjerg, which will also be the location for the finals and the festive closing ceremony;
  • Full board service during the entire tournament in which a (healthy) breakfast, lunch and dinner will be facilitated by the tournament organization;
  • A standard accommodation for referees near the football pitches;
  • Transportation to the football pitches and pleaces nearby to spend your spare time and explore the region of Esbjerg. Moreover, a free group-activity will be organized. In this way, last year's referees watched an Europa League game of Esbjerg fB.

Teams in the age categories (boys) under 10 up to and including under 16 participate in this tournament. All games consist of two 30-minute halves. One or three referees will be appointed to each game;

  • One referee will be appointed to the 8 versus 8 under 12 games.
  • Based on availability, one referee and (possibly) two assistent-referees are appointed to each game in the under 10 up to and including under 16 age categories. *

* As a referee, you can be appointed in the roles of both referee and assistent-referee.

Each official will be appointed to three games per day on average. The first games will be played on Wednesday 20th of May and the last games take place on Saturday. Travelling to and from Esbjerg can be done on Thursday and Sunday as the referees’ accommodation is available from one day before the tournament to one day after the tournament. As a referee, you will also be coached by our experienced coaches. This, in addition to refereeing in an international environment, makes up for a great learning experience.

Tournament Program

The tournament program will consist of *: 

(Optional:) travelling to Esbjerg.

Group-activity with referees

Start group stage (1)

Group stage (2)

Group stage (3)


Closing ceremony

(Optional:) Travelling home

All above activities are tournament related activities. Apart from these activities, there is enough room to make your own plans as all games will be played in the morning or afternoon (except 20/05).

Free day(s)

The Spar Nord Elite Cup 2020 takes place at Ascension Day. The tournament starts, however, already on Wednesday which is a regular school- or workday for most. Please keep in mind to arrange a free day on this day, if necessary.


The costs for the Belgian and Dutch referees are € 150. This is an all-inclusive rate, which includes travel (costs), meals, accommodation and joint activity, as described within the “referee information”.

As non-Belgian / Dutch referees arrange their own flight, costs are upon request and will be determined for each application.